Installation of LibSPN will be available soon.


    pip install libspn


Installing from a GitHub Repo

To install directly from the source tree:

    pip install --user .

or, simply:

    make install

For developers

To install in developer mode (RECOMMENDED for developers):

    pip install --user -e .

or, simply:

    make dev-install

Instead of copying the files, this will install a link to the source tree. As a result, all changes to the sources will be reflected in the installed library.


When installed in developer mode, it is possible to re-build the C++ code, using:

    make build

This effectively runs:

    ./ build

To clean all generated build files:

    make clean

To enable execution time measurements in custom ops, use:

    ./ build --exec-time


To compile documentation:

    make doc

This requires an existing installation of sphinx.

To watch the doc directory and rebuild the documentation when a change is detected:

    make doc-auto


To make a source package:

    make sdist

To make a wheel:

    make wheel